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Pengertian dan Fungsi Flash Disk

Pengertian dan Fungsi Flash Disk
Definition and Function Flash Disk - Flash that are frequently referred to as USB Drive, Pen Drive, Pocket Drive, or microdisk is a hardware device with different shapes. Typically Flash Disk is used for data storage devices or also to install the operating system.

Below is described tentan Definition and Functions Flash Disk. However, you can first read the previous article and Function Definition Definition UPS and Computer Hardware.


Flash Disk is a data storage device / file in the form of NAND. In this device, an embedded controller and data storage memory is non-volatile alias will not be lost even if there is no electrical power. Flash components simpler and relatively less compared to the hard drive. This is because the flash does not require a disc, motorcycle, or other parts that work mechanically.

The flash current age range of 10 years (during normal appliances). Tips for you use the flash on the operating system Windows Me / 2000 / XP advise flash discharge in a safe manner (Safe Removal). This is to avoid data remaining and not written from the cache to flash memory. Revocation sudden flash can result in data that has not been written to be damaged. Disconnect the safe way will extend the life of flash due to the relationship of read / write between the computer and the flash is secured first and short electrical connections (which can damage the flash components) can be prevented.


Flash serves to store and move your data is probably the most commonly used for USB flash drives. But in fact there are other benefits of flash disk that you can do with this drive very useful. Here are 10 ways you can get the benefits of a USB flash drive to do anything else more than just storing and moving data. In addition to storing the data, you can run portable applications from a USB flash drive. For example, OpenOffice, which is a complete office suite that includes word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing package and database available as a portable application. You can visit this address; PortableApps.com to see what programs can be run through a flash disk drive. You can even install all applications that include things like audio players, games, antivirus utilities, and practical menu system of the flash disk.

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